Som b.
I give him 5 rating for various reasons: 1) he was the cheapest among all the air vent cleaners 2) he had good powerful tools 3) he cleaned as promised 4) he also adviced me few important things like pkg home cleaning, it becomes lot cheaper: e.g. I could have packaged dryer vent cleaning with this one 6) I liked his approach of clearly explaining things and doing it right. I will recommend him for pkg deal cleaning for all your home vents, u r going to get a better rate
Hodari T.
They did a good, quick but thorough job. He wasn't quick as knowledgable as I would have liked, for instance, he tried to tell me that my lower vents were not hooked up...they are. But other than that, good experience
Roger C.
Helped me understand root cause of duct issue and how to remediate, also found a disconnected bathroom exhaust pipe while in the attic that he offered to get fixed. Did a duct cleaning as well. Would recommend.
David g.
Did everything with dispatch and expertise. Clean and neat. Had all the necessary equipment. Strongly recommend.
Maximus I.
Scheduled a service with Henry for cleaning 7 vents. He also looked at the furnace and suggested few things. Got it all done via him and he gave a good deal as well. I could feel the difference in air flow after the cleaning was done. Would highly recommend Henry.
John D.
Tajtai pro did an awesome job. Give me updates thru the whole process. Inspected the HVAC/ FURNACE too. He reported his recommendations to improve the system. I added on the additional Furnace cleaning. I highly recommend Tajtai pro. I can tell a huge difference in air quality in the home.
Maria S.
Tajtaj Pro team came to my house and cleaned up the vents and ducts in my entire house. The level of attention to detail that they put into the job at my house is astounding. I love how they take apart *everything*, pressure clean it and put them all back. The moment after they left, all of a sudden, I feel the air I’m breathing at home is so clean. There were 2 decades of dust accumulated by the previous owners of this home. I’m so glad to hire Tajtaj Pro team to handle this job. Thanks again for the great service.